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About Us

About Us

Our pumice and pumice mining operation, which started in the 1970s under the leadership of our founding president, has mineral reserves and production facilities that can meet the need for Pumice and pumice demand in Turkey. While our company previously produced pumice and pumice mines as raw materials, in 2014 it planned to add Pumice Wall Blocks facility to its production. Thus, as a result of the rapid acceleration of the construction sector with the urban transformations in our country and in line with the increasing demand, our company added the MacroBims branded finished goods (Pumice Block) production facilities, which produce fully automatic (fully automated) wall blocks, to its structure in 2015. Our company, by taking a share from the industrial move of our country, increases employment and reduces unemployment. and for the planned development of our country, it produces Macro quality Bimsblocks in accordance with today's technology. The daily production capacity of our Makrobims factory is 75,000 as of now. In line with the demand, it can go to the capacity increase in a short time.

Our factory has a total usage area of ​​84,000 m², with a closed area of ​​3,000 m², an administrative area of ​​1,000 m² and a stock area of ​​80,000 m². Our company has expanded its vehicle fleet in a short time and provides logistics support services to its customers for the product it produces in the fastest way. Makrobims is our main mission to provide a solution-oriented service to our business partners, who use our products as our brand. and to our business partners who carry out all kinds of projects, in all conditions and conditions, it is our motto to be a solution partner.

Makrobims is a company of "Civelek Automotive Transport Manufacturing and Construction Tire Petrol Industry and Trade Limited Company"

About Us